Since 2010 Diversification by Design™​ ​

Liquid SRI/ESG Alternative Fund Manager​

Blending quantitative, qualitative methodologies and technical analysis to deliver products with unique risk and return profiles.​

Market neutral strategies with no shorting or style drift.​

Renewables and their Technologies​ ​

Odyssey Green Planet​

Since 2012 a Clean Tech quantitative long/short strategy giving investors access to a portfolio blend of classical renewable energy assets and the technologies that drive the new clean energy industry.

UK Alpha - post Brexit Absolute Return​ ​

Pure UK Play Cross Assets  

An absolute return strategy focused on companies listed in the United Kingdom, UK Sovereign Debt and UK Financial Futures. ​

Developed to give investors hedged access to the British Economy, and the ability to profit from all primary forms of capital within it.​​​

Canada Alpha - Absolute Return​

Pure Canada Play

150 largest companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Four fundamental valuation methods. Traded in blocks of up to 10% of the individual share volume per day and hedged against the TSX 60 Futures.