Regulatory Hosting Services, by Practitioners for Practitioners

Gain the advantage from speed to market and significantly lower compliance costs whilst benefitting from a fully structured compliance and governance framework

Demand a team which has real and direct experience of managing UCITS and AIF portfolios, raising assets, and regulatory matters in the US, UK and Europe. Demand an agile and organisationally mature firm which adapts to new regulatory demands efficiently and effectively.

Demand more from your Regulatory Host

Cayman, BVI, and Irish Fund Platforms. AIFM for EU and Non-EU Funds

Turnkey Cayman, BVI, and Irish Fund Platforms as well as offering UK, EU, and US distribution. Our network of providers can have you launch a fund in a month and at very competitive prices.

Speak to us first, we will always advise you on the best path, even if this means you need to use a different service or provider.

Firms most often fail due to high fixed costs, take full advantage of our network of providers selected to offer the right service for each stage of the firm’s growth.

We work with a wide range of clearing and prime brokers across the UK, EU and US and are always happy to consider new counterparties.

The right Service Provider at the right time

Corporate, Fund, and Advisor Setup. Speak to us first.

We can advise on the most efficient structure to set up with regard to regulatory requirements, investor access and corporate profile. Specifically focused on Investment Management and Corporate Advisory.

From Private Equity SPVs to multijurisdictional Master/Feeder funds, we can advise on the most cost-efficient pathway. A clear and candid conversation at the planning stage can save you a significant amount of money, as well as dramatically reducing complexity.

IT and Cybersecurity for regulated entities is often mired in complexity and costs. Rules evolve but firms must comply. More often than not firms forget that this is as important a requirement as any other rule.

We provide support for the firm to comply in a simple and cost effective manner.

Most imprtantly, and unlike any other IT provider, we are directly responsible and accountable for the services provided.

Regulation extends to IT and Cybersecurity

The FCA and Solo Registration

It is expected that Appointed Representatives will eventually become Solo Registered firms. Finex LLP is one of the few firms which prepares clients to become fully authorised.

This is done by developing internal processes to a level where they can be managed independently.

Our network of Compliance Consultants are there to support the business in its next phase of development.

Before choosing an expert, ask yourself what you actually need and how you need this delivered. That is the only way to ensure a service is priced effectively. Speak to us first.

Available, active, engaged and compliant