Le Fonti TV – Interview in Italian

Investing 2018 – Andrew Gebhardt at LeFonti.tv

Investing Italy 2018 March 2018 Andrew Gebhardt of Finex LLP interviewed at the end of the Investing Conference in Italy on Friday 23rd March 2018 (in Italian). Covers a few thoughts on the conference itself and the extends to commenting on the problems...

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Andrew reviews the contrarian bearish

On Thursday 6th ofJuly, Andrew Gebhardt reviews the contrarian bearish call from yesterday lunch after the market moves substantially lower, here the idea is not to cover the short Bunds but to go long US 10yr Treasuries instead. Later develops on the SRI...

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Andrew Gebhardt talks on Bund Futures

On the 5th ofJuly Andrew talks about new setup forming in Bund Futures, against consensus a bearish trade is seen to be beneficial (higher yields). Later covers Sustainable Investments, Greenwash, and introduces the process of Exclusionary Lists. Interview...

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Bund Futures and Options – short term pressure

Bund Futures and Options, short term pressure how to stay long via options. Market Profile. Andrew Gebhardt, Managing Partner at Finex, live on air with Giuseppe di Vittorio at Le Fonti.tv. Despite the short term pressure in prices we look at how 3 day Market Profile...

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German Bund technical analysis and volume profile

German Bund, technical analysis and volume profile Andrew Gebhardt, managing partner at Finex, is on air for an Italian language interview with Giuseppe di Vittorio (Le Fonti.tv). Bund Futures and short term positioning. Clean Energy. A recap on technical positioning...

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