The Purity of Exclusionary Lists

FAITH, MONEY, AND DUTY: The Purity of Exclusionary Lists As we leaf through the GSIA (Global Sustainable Investment Alliance) report we are staggered by the numbers, sure demand is exceptional but the first question you have to ask yourself how can all of this money...

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Cleantech: Venture Capital versus Acceleration Capital

In a nutshell VC and PE investors often think they have invested in the next ground breaking technology only to find that soon after another ground breaking technology has appeared making their largely redundant and most importantly totally illiquid. We compare the...

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Modern Activist Theory in Clean Tech

Socially Responsible Investing is growing fast, and like any child some of its more radical ideas are maturing into more pragmatic character traits as it enters the fourth of its seven stages of life. As methodologies establish themselves and consensus gets built more...

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Outlining our Clean Tech fund’s intentionality and measuring our impact, both environmentally and socially, on the world around us. Our fund’s impact report considers its impact on the broader environment and society and it lays out a roadmap for the fund to pursue an...

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Exclusionary Lists and their Impact on shorting

Historically, companies were placed on exclusionary lists because of the moral and ethical perspectives of investors. A cursory look at the kinds of companies excluded makes this clear: nuclear armaments, cluster bombs, the tobacco industry, environmentally...

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Sustainable Investment Awards 2016 Finalist

Sustainable Investment Awards 2016 Finalist We are very pleased at Finex LLP to be able to inform our investors, colleagues and friends that Odyssey Green Planet Fund is a finalist in two categories for this year’s Sustainable Investment Awards. The fund has been...

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Brutal Truths about setting up a small UCITS fund

In an article for the Hedge Fund Journal we look at the problems associated with setting up a small European UCITS IV fund. We look at basic setups for Exchange Listed futures, running Risk according to Code as well as issues surrounding Jurisdiction, Costs and...

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Andrew reviews the contrarian bearish

On Thursday 6th ofJuly, Andrew Gebhardt reviews the contrarian bearish call from yesterday lunch after the market moves substantially lower, here the idea is not to cover the short Bunds but to go long US 10yr Treasuries instead. Later develops on the SRI...

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Andrew Gebhardt talks on Bund Futures

On the 5th ofJuly Andrew talks about new setup forming in Bund Futures, against consensus a bearish trade is seen to be beneficial (higher yields). Later covers Sustainable Investments, Greenwash, and introduces the process of Exclusionary Lists. Interview...

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Bund Futures and Options – short term pressure

Bund Futures and Options, short term pressure how to stay long via options. Market Profile. Andrew Gebhardt, Managing Partner at Finex, live on air with Giuseppe di Vittorio at Le Despite the short term pressure in prices we look at how 3 day Market Profile...

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German Bund technical analysis and volume profile

German Bund, technical analysis and volume profile Andrew Gebhardt, managing partner at Finex, is on air for an Italian language interview with Giuseppe di Vittorio (Le Bund Futures and short term positioning. Clean Energy. A recap on technical positioning...

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