Additional Fiduciary / Application Services

Regulatory Hosting – Incubator – ESG and SRI Screening

Once the program or fund is up and running and gaining traction you may want to seek your own Authorisation.

Whilst the costing for the process is reasonably known what is rarely covered by providers is the personnel costs during the Authorisation period which can easily surpass a year.

Finex LLP can provide the necessary staff either internally or as consultants to meet the regulators minimum requirements at very attractive costs.

Funds will need locally domiciled Directors and in the case of external Risk Managers (for Self Managed Funds) sufficiently qualified people.

Finex has the relationships to offer the right people at the right price.

Finex also had strong relationships with external Counsel, Audit, Bookkeeping and Regulatory Consulting firms which can be leveraged to reduce costs whilst maintain the highest standards.

Finex is a Microsoft Accredited Partner and well as an Apple Developer and is able to offer advice and help in the development of internal use technology.

We are also able to assist in the deployment of recorded emails (FINRA compliant) and recorded telephone lines.

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