Finex Regulatory Services

Regulatory Hosting – Incubator – ESG and SRI Screening

Despite significant reduction in costs to launch and manage EU regulated Funds in the last decade the regulatory costs and lead times for the new Manager have increased dramatically.

Brexit also adds to the complications leaving uncertain the relationship between the EU and UK regulators. This relationship will take a number of years to evolve into stable regulation.

From individual traders to mid sized firms the advantages of acting under a Regulatory Umbrella are significant, from time to deployment to costs. Current Tied Agent and Passporting rules will invariably be challenged and independent UK Authorisation is not the prudent route in such troublesome times.

Finex offers Appointed Representative Services at very competitive prices. These are sometimes referred to as Regulatory Hosting or Incubator.

We can do this due to the direct experience in managing AIFMD and UCITS funds as well as Managed Accounts within the EU and US. To do this effectively requires the efficient deployment of Regulatory and Risk oversight across multiple jurisdictions.

The UK still has a special relationship with the US, and it is more than likely that initial funding especially through the most efficient programs such as Managed Accounts will come from the United States.

Ready to start your journey into Fund Management?

Reduce your costs by using Finex’s Regulatory Incubator Services.

Regulatory Services for listed Equities

Finex is the only Umbrella Service to offer full ESG screening and consulting, an absolute must in today’s world.

For those wanting to go further and manage SRI portfolios we offer the most extensive exclusionary list in Europe.

Regulatory Services for exchange Derivatives

Finex is one of the few UK Umbrella Service firms to offer unhindered access to US professional accounts.

From Give-Up models (EGUS) to direct trading we have the technology.

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