Finex LLP is an investment management company founded in 2010. The company is headquartered in London and specialises in liquid Alternative Investment strategies in equity and derivatives markets.

Through managed accounts and commingled vehicles, Finex offers access to absolute return liquid strategies that have been developed over the past 15 years by our Investment Managers.

Finex is regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom (RN 507537) and by the NFA in the United States (0461979).

What’s true for the group is also true for the individual…

Overspecialise, and you breed in weakness.

Our Philosophy


We do not believe in a single super model or strategy able to adapt and perform in all market conditions. Our Portfolio Managers remain reasonably isolated from each other. This naturally creates intellectually distinct methodologies and it is this distinction that gives our strategies strength.


Systematic strategies are heavily reliant on technology. We build and deploy all our own systems to protect our Intellectual Property. This allows us to grow rapidly without impacting current portfolios or business lines.


We place high emphasis in R&D  of new models, however we also know the cap at which our strategies remain nimble and agile enough to deliver uncorrelated returns.


We are socially responsible investors that apply a stringent exclusionary list to ensure our portfolios are ethically sound.  Furthermore we do not trade agricultural contracts thus ensuring true compliance with the spirit of UCITS.

Investment Managers

Andrew JS Gebhardt

Andrew JS Gebhardt

Managing Partner

Andrew left the comfort of Civil and Nautical Engineering to trade on the LIFFE floor (Open Outcry) in 1995.

By 2001 he started working with Marcello Bugnoli on the implementation of futures trading systems based on technical analysis.

From then on until the creation of Finex in 2010, the models were traded by a number of Tier 1 institutions and today form a key constituent of the UCITS fund portfolio.

Marcello Bugnoli

Marcello Bugnoli

Investment Manager

With a background in Aeronautics and Meteorology, Marcello took his experience and entered the financial markets in 2004.

He worked closely with Andrew continuosly developing totally diverse models in various asset classes.

Marcello was instrumental in the implementation of the automated models and remains a crucial element in the continual development of the long term stability of the fund.

Alexandros Tselentis

Alexandros Tselentis

Investment Manager

Alex has spent the past six years managing and advising two quant based long/short equity funds. These funds have been based on quantitative equity portfolio strategies developed by Alex over the past ten years. Alex is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments and holds their Diploma in Fund Management and Investment Analysis. He originally read civil engineering at the University of Cape Town and is a Chartered Management Accountant.

Rodney Ngone

Rodney Ngone

Investment Manager

Rodney has been trading since 2001 after reading Accounting and Finance at the LSE.

He began his career trading FI derivatives within banks and institutional funds. A passion for technology shifted him towards systematic quantitative trading where he co-founded a short-term CTA with a successful 4yr+ track record.

He has distilled discretionary methodologies into automated machine learning processes for his systematic portfolio.


Elena Gebhardt

Elena Gebhardt

Compliance Officer

Elena spent 7 years at Goldman Sachs managing middle office teams in Fixed Income and Loan Operations.

With her experience analysing operational risk for new products and managing technology projects, Elena has been an important part in building the foundations at Finex LLP from the onset in 2010 as CF4, CF11 and CF10.

Muhammad Hammad

Muhammad Hammad

Lead Developer

Muhammad holds a Masters in Software Engineering from Queen Mary University of London obtained in 2009.

Since inception Muhammad has been pivotal in the development of the firm’s trading engines and database systems. He is also responsible for all the firm’s developers.

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